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Areas of Expertise


Expert knowledge in Diabetes Type 1 & 2, Gestational Diabetes as well as genetic types of diabetes (such as MODY, pancreatic B cell dysfunction & genetic insulin resistance).

Approach is based on LIFE STYLE change, dietary changes as well as up-to-date use of all available treatment (including oral medications, use of injectable Glucose-Like-Peptide 1) as well as injectable insulin. 


Expert knowledge of insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitoring devices.

Thyroid Pathology

Experience in thyroid cancer, hypothyroidism due to Hashimoto's thyroiditis and hyperthyroidism due to Grave's disease or toxic nodular disease

Ability to perform detailed thyroid UltraSonography using state of the art sonographer with high definition USS probe and ability to perform elastrography of thyroid nodules with a more accurate pick-up rate of cancerous nodules.

Performance of fine needle aspiration with joint collaboration with Dr Kyriakos Patatas (UK trained interventional radiologist) with a 100% success rate so far in appropriate sampling to over 400 nodules (data from personal audit)

General Endocrine

Having worked in leading UK teaching hospitals offering state of the art Endocrine services, I am able to utilize this valuable experience in dealing with advance and difficult cases of pituitary and adrenal nodules, disease of cortisol disorders such as Cushing's disease or Congenital adrenal hyperplasia, as well as other rare endocrine conditions such as paheochromocytoma, acromegaly, prolactinomas and issues of insulin productions / insulinomas.

Nearly all cases can be managed independently, however there is the possibility to collaborate with the Endocrine department of Southampton Teaching Hospital where a difficult case or a rare condition necessitates. 

Male Infertility

Expert services in restoring sperm quality in difficult cases or oligospermia (poor sperm) by using dietary modifications, vitamin and mineral supplementation, medical (oral) therapy as well as injectable hormonal therapy that could restore or improve sperm quality, motility and quantity. 

Through a structured and well thought approach, science and evidence based strategy, careful investigation and well targeted therapy, successful sperm restoration has been achieved in otherwise "untreatable cases" which resulted in successful, live and healthy pregnancies. 

Weight loss

Osteoporosis Therapy

Appropriate investigatory approach to screen for metabolic causes leading to weight gain, excellent dietary methodology as well as appropriate use of available medications (such as Ozempic), has resulted in mounting numbers of appropriate weight loss ranging from 10% up to 35% weight loss of presenting weight.

Evidence based approach with a stepwise intervention starting with exercise, vitamin, mineral and peptide supplementation and where necessary use of medical therapy with experience on all available medical therapy such as Bisphosphonates (such as Fosavance, Lendronin, Bonviva and Aclasta) as well as  Prolia and Forsteo.

Up-to-date knowledge is kept by attendance to relevant conferences on this ever changing  field.

Polycystic Ovaries

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is very complex syndrome which is actually a collection of genetic alterations resulting in poor glucose (carbohydrate) metabolism, tendency to gain weight, increase formation of facial or body hair, irregular period and in many cases irregular ovulation and difficulty in falling pregnant.

Successful restoration of menstrual cycle can be achieved through a specially designed diet by Dr Xydas (based on calculated Glycaemic Load of meals). This appropriate diet can work more efficiently with certain vitamins and minerals (such as myoinositol. folic acid) as well as use of metformin (Glucophage)

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