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Dr Xydas can offer various tests in his clinic to assess several endocrine pathologies



At KBC Medical Hall we offer an excellent thyroid service using state of the art equipment dealing with each case with professionalism and responsibility. The following services are offered:

1. Thyroid Ultrasound using a high definition probe

2. Elastography of thyroid nodules

3. Ultrasound Guided Fine Needle Aspiration of suspicious thyroid nodules and lymph nodes

4. Ultrasound Guided Core Biopsy of suspicious thyroid nodules and lymph nodes

5. Genetic testing of thyroid nodules (to help distinguish malignant from benign nodules)

6. Thyroid challenge following thyroidectomy for thyroid cancer to confirm complete cure


Dr Xydas has always had passion about diabetes concentrating on a patient centred approach for the management of diabetes. The following services are offered:

  1. Detailed diabetes meal plan with guidance to the needs of each patient

  2. Digital Retinal Screening using TOPCON 100 retinal screening camera

  3. Assessment of Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM)

  4. Assessment of pancreatic function through pancreatic challenge tests


Male infertility

Dr Xydas has developed special interest in male infertility and througout the years he has acquired knowledge and experience in fertility therapy which is targeted for difficult cases on and targeted therapy for each patient. The basis of therapy is based on the following approach:

  1. Biochemical, hormonal and sperm testing to identify issue

  2. Use of micronutrients and Vitamins through an evidence based approach to target the identified issue

  3. Use of medical oral therapy for advanced cases

  4. Use of a dedicated and specially formulated regime of injectable hormonal therapy for testicular stimulation  for the most advanced cases

  5. Collaboration with urology/andrology services for possible sperm extraction through testicular biopsy

Adrenal tests


adrenal tumor.jpg

Pituitary tests

Pituitary stimulation tests


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