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Micronutrients and Vitamins

Provided the hormonal check up is adequate but the sperm quality (seen on spermogram) is diminished, then targeted therapy will be offered using micronutrients and Vitamins.

There is a huge array of micronutrients and vitamins that can be used to try to correct any of the following sperm parameters:

  • Sperm DNA quality

  • Sperm concentration

  • Sperm motility

  • Sperm viscosity

  • Sperm appearance

As previously mentioned use of therapy with micronutrients and vitamins is usually targeted for mild cases where there is only a small partial sertoli dysfunction, usually due to oxidative stress which will be helped by the microcutrients to create a better environment for the cells and also through anti-inflammatory vitamins which will improve the oxidative stress.

It has to be noted here that Dr Xydas will use INDIVIDUAL VITAMINS and MICRONUTRIENTS in order to achieve the correct and required dosages for the specific deficit. It has been noted that using sperm multi-vitamins do not usually contain all the ingredients required and the ones they contain are not usually on the correct dosages as indicated from the studies on this field.

Medical Therapy

Medical therapy can be used (as oral once per day medication) in order to help and guide the pituitary (which is a gland of the brain instructing the testicles to produce sperm and testosterone) to increase the stimulation and hence improve sperm production. 


In some rare cases, an individual might have excess oestrogen in his body which will inhibit testosterone and sperm production. Based on the metabolic profile, Dr Xydas will decide if certain more aggressive medications will be used in order to reduce oestrogen levels and hence improve the metabolic profile for adequate sperm production.

Injectable Therapy

For the most advanced cases where there is severe damage or loss of sertoli cells, one might need injectable therapy which basically a hormonal therapy which stimulates in a particular way the sertoli and Leydig cells in a way that one team helps the other team in order to produce sufficient sperm. 

A dedicated and specially formulated individualised regime of injectable hormonal therapy is used which might be different from case to case. The aim is to cause enough testicular stimulation to produce living a genetically correct sperm.

Dr Xydas is proud to have helped over 50 couples so far with seemingly "incurable" male hypogonadism (infertility due to poor sperm) and resulted in live births with genetically normal babies.

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